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Image Editing Services

Give life to your photos

Modern image editing technologies make it possible to restore old and damaged photos, enhance dull or uninteresting photos, add or subtract elements, or even radically alter images all without damaging the original image.

Ent Web Design Studio can repair rough edges, spots, creases, spills, even rips in treasured family photos. We can restore richness and vibrancy to old photos or enhance it in new ones. We can enhance the color on otherwise bland photos, or remove unwanted passers-by from vacation pictures.

Start by sending us a scanned image for review.

  • Your photo should be scanned at 300 - 600 dpi and saved as a JPG, PNG, or GIF image. A properly scanned photo will likely be between 3MB and 10MB.
  • E-mail the image to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (PLEASE - no pornographic, obscene, or otherwise vulgar images!)
  • We will review the photo and respond with quote. There is no obligation.
  • We will e-mail a proof to you for approval.
  • Once we have received payment for the service, the final restored image will be returned to you via e-mail
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Face Paint
Face Paint The colors in this image are washed out.
Face Paint - Mod
Face Paint - Mod This version of the image has more vibrant colors
Grandma This image is old, faded, and slightly damaged.
Grandma - Mod
Grandma - Mod This version has more contrast and the damaged areas have been repaired.
Flowers These flowers are interesting, but lack contrast.
Flowers - mod
Flowers - mod Making the image Black and White with a couple of colored flowers makes them pop.
House Another okay shot, but the colors are faded.
house mod
house mod A little touch-up on color saturation and vibrance makes this a more interesting photograph.
Observatory This image is flat and faded.
Observatory - Mod
Observatory - Mod This version has added some depth and realism back to the faded sky and the foreground.
Daniel The picture is okay, but doesn't capture the emotion.
daniel mod
daniel mod Adding some saturated color and introducing some blur to the sticks and edges gives it an illusion of motion and excitement.
Chisos This landscape is somewhat monotone.
Chisos - Mod
Chisos - Mod Adding some depth to the sky and some color correction to the sand make the image much more interesting.
Dragon This image has interesting content and composition, but lacks contrast and color
Dragon - Modified
Dragon - Modified This version of the dragon is more exciting and colorful.
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