It has, once again, been a long time since I have posted anything.  It's time.  In fact, it's long overdue.

Bloggers have personal lives.  My personal life has included a change of employment, a couple of new business ventures, and most recently, the loss of a parent.  It's been a very bitter-sweet year for me.

Last things first - Mom.  I recently bid farewell to the rock of my life, the one person who has always been there to support me, cheer me, lecture me, help me, and above all, love me through all the ups and downs in my very up and down life. Her example of perseverence is one that I will never forget and hope to emulate in every aspect of my life.

Which takes us to new business ventures. Mom was never afraid to learn something new and when she decided to learning something, she never went half-way. With that example in the forefront of my mind, I am delving into a new realm of experience, namely X-Ray. RMF X-Ray Services in the San Antonio, TX area is building a growing and profitable business and RMF (initials of the owner) has invited me to become a part of his venture as a technician, web developer, database developer/administrator, and all-around assistant.  It gives me a chance to grow and learn in a new arena and to associate with one of my favorite people in the world.

I am also expanding my business acumen into the Direct Sales arena with the new and exciting science of Nutrigenomics. My mom was a FIRM believer in this awesome science and she used it to extend her life and improve her quality of life while she was with us.  She often said that she felt better in her 80's than she did in her 70's, largely due to this awesome science. She was honored in front of thousands in Orlando recently for her dedication to and love of LifeVantage.  I will be sharing things in this blog about LifeVantage and the incredible opportunity it presents for better health and freedom.

Yes, I will continue to share code snippets, too. I strongly believe in the community that is built by sharing knowledge with others.  It's primarily the way I learned, and I hope to continue to learn new and innovative ways to accomplish erstwhile mundane or time-consuming tasks.  It is one of the primary reasons for Ent Web Musings.

Until next time...